Zagg ZR-Six vs Smartbuds

Zagg ZR-Six has made a bold claim by saying that, if it is not the best-sounding pair of earbuds that you have ever experienced, the company will give your money back. So, is it really as great as it sounds? In the following article, we put the Zagg ZR-Six against another popular model from the company that is older, Zagg Smartbuds, which have satisfied lots of users with the performance and quality. Continue reading below for the comparisons between Zagg ZR-Six vs Smartbuds!

In terms of design, we can notice different approaches here. The old Zagg Smartbuds has slightly bulkier ear pieces whose ear pads don’t fit all the way to the rear. As a result, the ear pads may sometimes feel loose, although they actually aren’t. Some people are fine with the design, but some others simply hate the perceived looseness.

On the other hand, Zagg ZR-Six has ear pads that fit snugly to the ear pieces. For sure, the ear pads feel more solid and secure. They also fit very nicely and comfortably in the ears. So, you can say that the design has been improved. The connector covering between the ear piece and the cable is also now longer, ensuring better protection on the delicate area.

Interestingly, Zagg Smartbuds is equipped with a slightly longer cable than Zagg ZR-Six. The cable length of Zagg Smartbuds goes for 1.37 meters, whereas the cable length of Zagg ZR-Six is just the standard 1.2 meters. Both models have L-shaped 3.5 mm male connectors.

Unfortunately, Zagg ZR-Six does not come with the special features of Zagg Smartbuds, which are active noise cancelation and the noise-canceling microphone. You don’t always need active noise cancelation; it is only useful if you are working in a very noisy environment. But having the feature ready is indeed always nice. Nevertheless, if you really need active noise cancelation, Zagg Smartbuds is the way to go.

Zagg ZR-Six is indeed equipped with an inline microphone. Although the mic is not noise-canceling, the quality is very good. It captures your voice with decent clarity. Anyhow, this model comes with a nice travel bag.

Zagg ZR-Six is the winner in this aspect. If we compare the performance of Zagg ZR-Six vs Smartbuds, we can notice that the new model produces better details and clarity. This is probably because of the increased impedance and sound pressure level. In general, a higher impedance level will make the sound more accurate despite reducing the power and volume. Zagg ZR-Six has an impedance of 32 ohms, whilst Zagg Smartbuds has an impedance of 16 ohms.

However, Zagg ZR-Six does have a higher sound pressure level, which allows the earbuds to produce higher volume levels. The output is nicely accurate and detailed, and you will definitely enjoy the rich musical performance.

The reason to choose Zagg ZR-Six is the improved sound quality. The performance is definitely impressive. The design is also better, despite having a slightly shorter cable length. Still, if you really need active noise cancelation, you should go with Zagg Smartbuds.

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