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Cheap Invicta Watches

Invicta (latin for invincible) was founded more than a century ago in 1837 in Chiasso, Switzerland, with the belief that supremely crafted timepieces can be used at modest costs. Originally crafting mechanical and automatic wrist watches, Invicta, like the majority of brand names of the time all but disappeared during the quartz motion in the 1970’s.

Invicta is associated to high quality yet budget friendly Swiss watches. The modest cost of Invicta Watches Australia has absolutely nothing to do with the brand name’s impressive styles and sturdiness; in fact, both Invicta Watches for Mens and Invicta Watches for Womens come with exceptional designs and high-end technology that uses the best worth for your money.

So the reason why Invicta watches are so low-cost is due to the fact that some of the watches have actually switched to big scale manufacturing practices that are common of other, lower priced watch brand names.

8932 Pro Diver Watch
Below the understated and rather forgettable exterior beats the deadly-accurate heart of a champion. Japanese motion that limits the need of user interference produces less inconveniences and less dropped time. The crystal is flame-fusion mineral capable of brushing off scratches yet not increasing the price.

14330 Specialized 18k Yellow Gold-Plated Watch
A hulking brute of a watch that is among the few Invicta pieces that doesn’t work well with full immersion in water, only those who look for praise and attention ought to attempt to pull this off.

9212 Speedway
White and gold all wrapped in steel allow the 9212 to go beyond the barriers between sportswear and debonaire pomp. It can be coupled with jeans and a jacket, or coupled with a power tie and double-breasted match, or be handled a snorkeling expedition ought to the requirement develop.

9211 Speedway Collection
Part of the ultra-light Speedway watches planned for those who do not want much weight on their wrist, the 9211 slides in under 6-ounces when all is said and done.

0489 Angel Collection Cubic Zirconia-Accented Watch
It’s an absence of women’s timepieces that make a really feminine impression if Invicta’s large variety of watches has one significant defect. Beautiful but still stalwart, similar to a female.

8926OB Pro Scuba Diver
Invicta’s uber-masculine Pro Diver series is littered with their most popular pieces thanks to their dependability under the waves. The unidirectional bezel keeps the time under water without falter or stop working, permitting major scuba professionals peace of mind when keeping one eye on their oxygen usage.

6620 II Collection Chronograph
Brushed, polished, and leaking with industrial appeal, the 6620 brings loads of metal to the table, backed by Swiss movement despite the fact that the watch itself is regretfully not Swiss-made. Stainless-steel from band to support, total with 330 feet of water resistance and a set of chromed chronos, it’s bling with balance.

0072 Chronograph 18k Gold-Plated
18 karat gold plating over stainless steel provide the impression of a more expensive timekeeper, though the 200 meter water resistance score prove this to be a workhorse as much as a sartorial device. The dazzle sets a high bar, however the 0072 clears it with area to spare.

6410 Python
The yellow-faced Python is no longer in production, it hasn’t lost an inch of ground to contemporary pieces. The gunmetal body and unsettling amber shade really seem like the eye of a snake, all shrouded by a flame combination dial that includes a steel spinal column to its savoir faire. Simply look to the secondary market to find one.

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